Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I access my office anytime I want? 

A: Yes, if you rent an office you can keep your own hours. Our buildings and are accessible 24/7. 

Q: How flexible is Workspace? Do I have to sign a 12-month agreement? 

A: We are very flexible and offer terms to meet the needs of any business arrangement. While we offer 12-month agreements and incentives to sign them, they are not necessary. 

Q: Your furniture is nice, but can I bring my own? 

A: Yes. Offices come fully furnished to run a modern business but if you'd like to start with a blank slate you are more than welcome to personalize your space.

Q: Will I have access to meeting room space at Workspace locations? 

A: Yes! Each of our locations have accessible meeting room space.

Q: I often have visitors, is this ok? 

A: Yes absolutely! We welcome the chance to meet your colleagues, partners, customers, vendors, etc...

Q: My visitors get hungry, can you help us feed them? 

A: Yes! Each of our locations is in close proximity to local fare. We can help you place an order and feed your guests. 

Q: Can I host after hour events at your space? 

A: Yes! We love hosting events that help get us exposure to your network. We can even help you plan your next one!